We have many years of experience in groundworks. Groundworks is the work done to prepare sub-surfaces for the start of construction work. Aside from any demolition or site enabling works that may need to be carried out, groundworks are usually the first stage of a construction project and often include:

Ground investigation - a ground investigation of the site is generally carried out to help identify past land uses, stability and potential problems.

Site clearance - As part of the initial preparatory work the site will generally need to be cleared and the topsoil taken up from the footprint of the structure. The depth will depend on the lay of the land, and if it is a sloping site then the ground may need to be levelled. If required, retaining walls may need to be constructed in order to create level development platforms.

Substructure and ground stabilisation works - Substructure is defined by the RICS as ‘All work below the underside of screed or, where no screed exists, to the underside of lowest floor finishes including damp-proof membrane, together with relevant excavations and foundations (includes walls to basements designed as retaining walls).

Site services - Site services can include temporary and permanent drainage and other utility connections. Complex sites may require specialist tunnelling or shaft sinking solutions to enable service ducts and cabling to the installed. Existing services such as water and electricity cables may also need to be altered.

Landscaping - Landscaping can include earthworks to remodel the site and hard landscape such as surfacing of roads and car parks and public areas.

Groundwork Examples