Our Shelters and Compounds are designed for sites where you require extra security and can turn an unusable outdoor space into a practical usable area.
We can provide a complete package, incorporating ground works, assembly and installation of various Shelters and compounds including, Cycle, Pram, Youth and Smoking.
Pram shelters are becoming increasingly popular in both the public and private sectors as an excellent way to free up indoor space and comply with health and safety legislation and our shelters are an excellent outdoor storage solution for prams and buggies.

Youth Shelters give sheltered areas for teenagers and young adults to socialise with each other and ideal for municipal areas such as parks, playgrounds and open spaces as well as schools and colleges.

Smoking shelters are available in a variety of styles and sizes and are an ideal solution for commercial, public and private sectors to direct where smoking should take place and tied in with bins, help cut down on cigarette butt litter.

Cycle compounds are designed for added security is required and to turn unusable outdoor space into practical areas and also help both private and public sector to encourage the use of cycles by offering somewhere safe, dry and secure to park cycles.

Installation of Shelters and compounds. Experienced street furniture installation for Commercial and Public sector projects throughout the UK.

Shelter and Compound Examples