High quality, long-lasting bollards available in a variety of styles and functional features, to suit various sites and applications.
Choose from cast iron, steel and stainless steel, timber, concrete, polyurethane, polymer and recycled plastics, many of which are offered as a coordinated range of fixed, removable, telescopic and fold-down versions and used to manage car parks, traffic, parking, security and much more.

Ideal for protection of pedestrian walkways, prevention of vehicle access, separation of car parking spaces and much more.
Using PAS 68 products they can be used to enhance the perimeter protection for places, your staff and the public.
Professional bollard and post installation services. Professional, experienced, fully equipped and insured installation throughout the UK working in the Public and commercial sectors.

Bollard Examples

Decorative bollards can help to make places where people want to be.
The bollards can create both physical and visual barriers for vehicles, without taking away from the aesthetics of a landscape or architectural design and style.
Decorative bollards help to prevent vehicle access to pedestrian-only areas, whilst allowing foot traffic to pass unimpeded.

From schools to office buildings, to hotels to parks, landscaping bollards are designed for outdoor locations with a mix of vehicle and pedestrian traffic. The posts can be made from various metals or plastics giving lasting durability against weathering and use.

They can be used in Garden landscape situations to help establish clear walking paths and perimeter borders, offering protection both from vehicles and by keeping pedestrians out of garden and plant bed areas. They do not limit visibility or pedestrian flow, therefore, making them a highly suitable replacement for fences or walls. Chain linking can help to further emphasize this separation.

Solar light posts are ideal for outdoor areas which are commonly used during low light or night conditions. Solar lighting helps to ensure pathway and car parking visibility, and are self-contained without any need for underground wiring. They are built to withstand impact and weather and require minimal maintenance.